The next social, cross trading platform and performance tool augmented by A.I.



Soft cap : 900 ETH | Hard cap : 15 900 ETH

Minimum 0.1 ETH
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BLACK sold (Last update 26/04/2018 - 00:00 UTC)

Using the power of data to provide accurate informations.


Mathematical schemes to highlight opportunities.


1. Portfolio tracking and combined transactions list

Connect easily all your wallets and exchanges to get a clear view of your crypto-wealth. All transactions are monitored and are combined into an all-in-one list. Identify movements and filter by category.

2. Build trading strategies without programming skills

Manage your strategies, try backtests and get more profits!

3. Backtest on multiple exchanges and estimate profits

Place in chart orders and see live estimated results on historical data.

4. Use & rent trading strategies

Browse within all our users and lend 30 days copy-trade contract on the marketplace by bidding on a free contract slot. Backtest and use them live.

5. Fully customizable dashboard

Choose which widgets you want to display and place them wherever you want.




  • PRE-ICO 2017
    Core testing prototype
  • PRE-ICO Q4 2017
    Advisors joining the project
  • PRE-ICO Early Q1 2018
    Whitepaper redaction, ICO preparation, Marketing, planification
  • Initial Coin Offering March | April 2018
    ICO fundrising


  • PHASE 1 - Dynamic portfolio tracker Q2 2018
    Get wallets and balances from exchanges to track your coins value and profits.
  • PHASE 2 - Performance analysis Q2 & Q3 2018
    Get an easy combined view of all your transactions and trades with performance graphs to analyse your profits.
  • PHASE 3 - Social linked traders Q3 2018
    Community can see public profile traders to see and follow their performances and portfolio relative repartition.
  • PHASE 4 - TAX Tool Q4 2018
    Based on your profits and losses, we generate a suggested version of your TAX declaration form


  • PHASE 5 - Cross-exchanges Transactionnal Q1 2019
    Manage orders on from multiple exchanges and get the best market for a coin.
  • PHASE 6 - Mirror trading slots contract Q3 2019
    It gives users the possibility of selling slots to mirror trading their strategie on an exchange by allocating a % of your balance.
  • PHASE 7 - Artificial Intelligence implementation Q4 2019
    Analyse your past moves, favorite coins, historic market datas, social network metrics. It will give you relevant informations regarding your strategy.

Token distribution

Founder & Team : Tokens vested 2 years unlocked every 6 months.
Advisors : Vested 1 year
Maximum supply : 600 000 000 BLACK
Soft Cap (excl. bonus): 1 875 ETH
Hard Cap (excl. bonus): 15 900 ETH
Base price : 0.04$
Whitelist : 25% off public price first day prior ICO
Min Investment : 0.1 ETH

Fund allocation

As a software fintech business, we concentrate most of our expenses on the development team. Our fees are strictly managed to perform the most awesome product.


Our Team

Strong developement, financial and design skills !

Our advisors

Business angels, professional accountants and banker.


Most Common Questions

BLACKFOL.IO is a social cross-trading platform augmented by Artificial Intelligence. By using our platform you are able to manage all of your wallets in one place, but not only. As we are social, you also have access to instant news regarding selected cryptos of your choice and you can follow other traders strategies. For more informations on our projects and timeline, please check the roadmap in the menu.
Minimum investment is set to 2500 Black tokens (≃ US $100).
The ICO starts on March 25th 2018 with a max of 318 000 000 Tokens sold and for a USD $ 0,04 base price. ICO ends on April 30th 2018.
You can participate by buying Tokens here.
You can check our roadmap on our website here.
Yes, early investors get a discount on public price. Displayed on our website homepage.
BLACK are necessary to fund development of our ecosystem and pay charges.
Yes, you will find the terms and conditions releasing on Bitcoin Talk forum
Yes, the referral program starts on Day 2 and gives + 10% tokens. Referrals will be generated at the end of the ICO.
Exchange listing apply to IDEX, EtherDelta, Hit BTC, KuCoin, Poloniex, Binance.
No you can't mine BLACK tokens.
You only need an ERC-20 compatible wallet. You can create one for free on
This is a personal project wanted by the team. We have a clear vision of where we want to push the BLACKFOL.IO services and how we are going to achieve it. Being a scam would be a really bad press for us and for our advisors. We guarantee we want to achieve big things !
BLACKFOL.IO will be in need of new talented people very soon. Follow us on social medias to be alerted on any job opportunity.
Start by observing cryptomarket before making any investment. When you feel comfortable, you can start by purchasing cryptos online on websites like coinbase.